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The Absolute Best Way Generate Exclusive Profitable Solar Leads in 2021

By the end of this post, you'll know the marketing method I have used to generate over 16 qualified exclusives solar leads in 1 month, these leads all of which wanted $30,000+ solar panel installations. (Note these people were calling him, not the other way around)

Just imagine if you could close even just 5 of these leads, that $180,000 of revenue minimum in 1 month

The Problem With Solar Leads Today

Your business would not be in business today without getting leads. Without leads, you have no one to sell to and no way to make a profit on your business. You know that your business is the best and will deliver on its promise, but how do you get people to raise their hand and say "I want to do business with you"

Since everyone needs leads, lots of people have found ways to get leads. Popular methods include door knocking or cold calling and while these can work, it can consume a lot of time and energy and can be inconsistent at times. Plus if you do end up getting work, you have to put that off until you complete the project. Wouldn't it be great to still have the leads coming in without you have to spend 6+ hours a day knocking?!

The Shift Towards Online Lead Generation

That is why lots of lead generation has moved to the digital space making it easier for the leads to come to you in this case, but there are so many online lead generations strategies that either don't work or aren't effective these include

1. Buying shared leads (Same lead info is sent to 3-5 other contractors so if you cant get in touch on time, you lose money, that leads may not even book an appointment with you

2. Buying lists of homeowners (These lists have been sold to several other contractors, so all the homeowners that could be sold may already have been)

There's Gotta Be A Better Way

Then there are methods such as Facebook ads and Google ads. Many people talk about how both either work or don't work and from what I've seen through experience one is better than the other and I'll explain why in an analogy

Let's say you moved to a new city and need to find a new dentist, what's the first thing you will do?

You wouldn't go on Facebook and hope you see an ad for a dentist. you would go on to google and search "dentist near me" or "dentist in [city name]"

The same thing applies to people who are looking to go solar. They'll probably search "solar panel installations" "solar panels for homes" etc.

The best part is these people already know about solar panels and they KNOW that they want them (or at the least, they are very interested in the idea)

They're just looking for someone to do the installation for them OR looking for someone to tell them more information about it and how it can help them

This is why Google Ads can be so powerful...

If done right you'll show up in front of the person looking for the service and they'll click on your ad.

The BIGGEST mistake I see with Google marketing (Costing advertisers Millions)

Sadly people spend all this time and money trying to perfect the google campaign and then they send them into their website.

This is the WORST thing people can do. You need to set up a specialized website geared to get people to convert, this is what we call a landing page.

The purpose of the landing page is to convince someone and make it easy as possible for them to call you or fill out a form.

This is the heart of marketing, if you have a good landing page you could get double or triple the number of leads for the same price.

When I set up new clients, the majority of my time is used researching and setting up a high-converting landing page.

While I will go into detail about landing pages in another post just keep in mind 3 things.

  1. You don't want any links that'll lead your prospect off your page (this is why home pages are bad) if they go off your page they may never come back.

  2. Make sure your ad is relevant to what the person clicked on. So for example is the person searched for and clicked on an ad that said "solar panel installations" Don't lead them to a page that talks about solar windows.

  3. If you want calls coming in, be sure you have a button that people can tap and call, remember, we want to make it as easy as possible for someone to get into contact with you

Google Ad Tips I Live By

Here are some quick key pointers in being successful with google ads. I plan on making a post that reveals how to do it in detail but this should get you going.

  1. When you make a search campaign you want to optimize for leads and set your location. With google ads, you can target a county or a city.

    1. Keep in mind that the bigger the area the more impressions you will get. To small of an area can lead to lackluster results.

  2. Use the google keyword planner to see which keywords to bid for. Always ask yourself "if I was looking for solar panels, would I type this on google?"

  3. If your area is large use exact-match (the searcher must type exactly the keyword and nothing else for your ad to show up) or phrase-match (the searcher must have the phrase you put, but it can have words before or after the phrase, not in between

  4. Be sure to add ALOT of negative keywords you can download a big negative keyword list here but keep in mind with solar there are even more you should add

  5. Negative keywords are terms that when someone used that term, your ad does not show up. For example, is one of your negative keywords is "solar panel cost" then when someone searches that word your ad won't show up, saving you money

  6. Be sure you have a good landing page with a noticeable call to action that'll drive people to call you. Don't have too much fluff information


This is just a snapshot, to make google ads work it involves way more detailed planning once that guide is made I'll post it here!

So that is the most profitable way to get exclusive solar lead for your business. The best leads are the ones who know they want the product or service, they're just looking for someone to give it to them!

If you would like to learn more about how to make google ads work for you shoot me an email at

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