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Job Recruitment

Find Qualified Employees For your business without the stress 

By using the power of Facebook targeting, we can your next employee faster than ever at a fraction of the cost 

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Your Workers are On Facebook, Looking for Work

All You Need To Do Is Show Up In Front of Them

Using Facebook's powerful targeting algorithms and immense user base, we can show your job post to people who are not only in your field but are also looking for a job as well.

Click below and schedule a free 30-min consultation so we can discuss how you can find your next employee fast 

In-Depth Targeting

People whom are in your field and looking for a job are shown your job post

Seen By All

People on Facebook are more likely to share your job posting, meaning more eyeballs on your job posting

Well-Crafted Job Posting

We design Job posts meant to grab people's attention and get applicants excited to apply and start working with you

FREE Consultation

Ready to find your next employee? for a fraction of the cost? Click below and book a free 30min consultation 

How It Works

You tell us what kind of candidates you are looking to hire

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Using that information, I run targeted Facebook ads so your job post reaches qualified candidates

Get instantly notified when you get new applicants and schedule an interview

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Generating 35 Applicants in 1 Month for an HVAC Company

A video testimonial from Micheal explaining how I was able to help him find qualified employees for his business. Although he filled the positions I still work with him to this day in case he needs new employees on short notice. View an in-detailed case study here

Generating 36 Applicants in 1 Month for a Home Care Agency

Click the video to learn how I was able to generate 36 new applicants for a home care agency in 1 month using targeted Facebook ads

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