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The Top 5 Best PPC Keywords that get private pay clients for home care agencies

When it comes to PPC knowing the right keywords to target is important. In this post I go over keywords that have effectively marketed my home care agency clients and generated leads across the US and Canada

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After running PPC ads and doing marketing for home care agencies for 25+ agencies over the years across the US and Canada, and generating 1000+ of calls you learn a thing or two about the keywords that generate private pay clients.

Graph of calls generated to help market home care agencies
1000+ Calls For Home Care Agencies In 2 Years

Most of the thousands of keywords I've tested either did not get much traffic or got the wrong type of traffic, thus it leads to wasted in ad spend. However, there are a few keywords that outperform all the others consistently across all the campaigns Ive run specifically for home care agencies

These keywords have generated not just calls, but paying clients that want services (of up to 24 hours a day!)

Ready to learn how to market your home care agency with PPC? Lets Dive In!

Wait, what is a keyword and how do they help me get private pay home care clients?

In simple terms, a keyword is a specific word or phrase you target on Google that matches the terms people are searching for. So if you target the keyword "home care" and a person types in the word "home care" on Google, you are likely to show up.

But there are many ways people may search for home care, in fact thousands of ways (home care, homecare, home care in my area etc) and having all those different variations of keywords can be a headache to not only find but maintain. That is where match types come in

Match Types

Match types tell Google how closely related you want the keyword to be to the term people type in Google (this is defined as a query)

There are 3 types. Broad, phrase, and exact

Broad - is the most loose (I recommend you stay away from this) you can get matched for queries like home care prices, assisted living, home services, and alot of other terms you dont want to show up for

Phrase - The term is either in the query or related to it. so if you target home care near me you may show up for home care in my area, home care chicago etc. You may however show up for competitors as well (which is not a strategy I advise)

Exact - The most strict you can be. The term is either exactly matches or is very closely related so targeting home care near me will have you show up for home care near me or home care service Etc

Image from google defining the definition of a phrase match keyword
Image from

I will indicate the match type I use for the keyword that worked well for my campaigns so let get into the best keywords. These keywords are in no particular order and


5. [Caregiver] - Exact Match

Yup, the simple term exact match term caregiver consistently have generated qualified calls. When people need a caregiver (and since alot of serches are on mobile) they dont type as many words to find what they are looking for

4. "Caregiver Services" - Phrase Match

While people dont type in caregiver services directly. This keyword shows me my client's ads for queries like "caregiver in Chicago" or "live in caregiver services" it cover the locations and other terms I may not think of in terms of people looking for a caregiver

3. "Caregiver In Home" - Phrase Match

This keyword is dependable and gets great results for my clients. Queries that this activates can range from home caregiver services to home caregiver assistance.

2. [In Home Care Services] - Exact Match

Its straight to the point and is someone searches this keyword, you know they are looking for services

1. "Home Care in {Your Location]" - Phrase Match

Location-based keywords work so well. I always include almost all the major cities and towns I target as keywords. If someone types in a location + the word home care, you know they need services in that area

So those are the top 5 home care PPC keywords you can use to get private pay clients, however while these words have generated great calls for my clients, there are some aspects I want to point out that are very important

You Need to have a good negative keyword list

Negative keywords tell google the type of queries you DO NOT want to show up for. so for example, if I add cheap to the negative keyword list, I wont show up for queries for with the term cheap in them. This is especially important that you add competitors to this list so you dont show up for them

Your Landing page needs to be on point

I will go through in another post the top aspects a home care landing page must have, but leading the person to a generic website, isnt the best solution as it can be information overload and cause them to click away. You need to make sure your page is mobile optimized as well as most searches will happen in mobile

Let the data be the guide for you

Just because I said this keyword worked for my clients, doesn't mean it will guarantee work for you. Be sure to let the data tell you its getting good calls or not and pause them if they arent working for you.

Are there more keywords that work? Of course! Its almost impossible to know every single way a private pay home care client might search for care, but this should give you a good start.

If you want a full list of keywords that generate clients, the landing page that went along with the campaign to get those calls, and the negative keyword list I use to ensure I only show up for quality terms, check out this program so you can create your own system to generate private pay clients

Want me to do this for you? Book a free call below

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