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How A Home Care Agency Generated 19 Qualified Private Pay Leads on 1 Month

In this video, I describe how a private pay home care agency was able to get new clients

The main focus of generating home care clients is by using Google ads

We use this method because when people are searching for services if they do not know any friends or family who know of a home care agency, they turn to Google

However, alot of home care agencies make drastic mistakes when it comes to getting clients on Google. The biggest mistakes are choosing the wrong keywords and leading people to a generic website. These are the mistakes I avoid are the biggest reason I generated 19 leads for this client in 1 month. (Although it took experience for me to know which pitfalls to avoid!)

Choosing the wrong keywords is a big issue. you may simply target the word home care, but that doesn't mean they are looking for services. While some may be, others are just using it for research or just trying to get the definition, not ready for home care yet. Its important that you know the keywords that people use when trying to look for care

A good example is targeting keywords that include your location. For example home care chicago. Think about it, if you put a location in you ads, you want that service it be in that location so you can use it. This was a key part of my strategy to help this client generate home care leads. While those arent the only types of keywords I target. these ones in my experience work well consistenly

The next mistake is using a generic website. For example, if someone is looking for dementia home care, its not wise to tell them all about your Parkinson's home care, or just give them generic information

Lead them to a page that talks about dementia home care! Be sure to say how your caregivers are trained in that area and have experience caring for those with dementia. You are most likely to get that call! This is the main thing I do for clients, as specific landing pages I use convert at 15-20%, when the average conversion rate is 2-5%. That means if you get 100 clicks, the landing page will get you 15-20 leads and the website will get you only 2 to 5 leads.

There are many more factors that I discuss in this video that will help you, but if you focus on those two things I mentioned you will have a lot of success.

If you want to skip the hard work/trial and error of researching the best keywords and making pages that convert callers, book a free marketing meeting with me and Ill give you all the information you need to start getting private pay home care clients

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