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Facebook Video Ads vs. Image Ads, Which One Should You Use in 2020

Facebook video ads versus Facebook image ads. Which ones should you use to grow your business through Facebook marketing? Well, by the end of this video, you're going to know the best type of creative you can use. You're also going to know the ins and outs of using Facebook video ads versus Facebook image ads. I'm also going to recommend which type of creative you should use for your business or service. And then if you stick to the end, I'm going to let you know how you know your ad is going to do well before you run it to your target market. Let's get started.

So, welcome to another great video about Facebook advertisement. This one's going to be about the battle of the creatives of whether you should use video ads or you should stick with using simple image ads. Before I get into it, be sure to hit a like on this video, and then tap the subscribe button below so that way you stay up to date on all my videos.

That's going to make you the best digital marketer you can possibly be and they're going to show you how you can make money online fast and easy, my two favorite words. So in this video I'm going to talk about the pros and cons of using video and using images. Then I'm going to talk about the best practice you should do for video and images, a lot of which I have not heard anyone else talk about. Then I'm going to tell you guys, like I said in the intro, which one I recommend.

Then I'm going to tell you guys how you can know your ad is going to do well before you even start running it to your target market.

So the first type of Facebook creative I'm going to start talking about is video ads. So what are all the benefits with video ads? Well, the first benefit I want to tell you guys is that it's really engaging. Think of it right now. You are watching me wherever you are in the world.

And by that way, I'm building trust with you, which is the ultimate thing customers are or other businesses need before they buy your product or service. So with this video for example, you can actually see my face, you actually know I'm a real human being. I'm not hiding behind a computer screen.

So, that builds a lot of trust. People get to know you, you know my type of personality, you know who I am and you also get to know that I actually know what I'm talking about through all the different videos I have on my YouTube channel


Another great benefit of video ads is that you can provide a lot of value in a succinct amount of time. So again, for example, my YouTube channel, I provide value for you guys and a lot of... I try to make these videos as short as I possibly can, but some videos are a little bit longer than others just based on the content.

I can give you guys value, and by doing this as well, you guys can know and trust that I know what I'm doing because what I gave out to you guys actually does work. And another great thing is that you can show off the proof of whatever benefits your product or service gives through video ads.

So for example, in the video I made last week, I think, I showed you how I was able to book three calls by only six messages and I just put it in a video. You're not going to be able to do that with image ads for the most part.

I mean you can, but sometimes the images can get really complicated and really fast. And if there's too much stuff happening in the image ads, then they're going to be too confusing and they're going to be glossed over.

But with video ads, I can show you in a succinct way how I was able to achieve a result that many people also want to achieve. And another thing is that you can actually tell a story with video ads. So you've probably seen a lot of those Nike commercials of a person going through a journey or a person going through a hardship through video. You can still kind of tell a story with an image, but it is a lot harder to do so. With video you can give a lot more detail about the story.

People can feel the emotion that the main character is actually feeling.

Or in your case, people can actually visualize and see what their day is like before they use your product. And then in the video you can show someone handing them the product or service.

Then the video can show the life after they've gotten the product or service. So video ads are a great way to tell the story of your product or service for whatever business. Also, video ads are more likely to get likes, shares and comments because since they're more engaging, people are more willing to leave a like, leave a comment on it, and share if the video is interesting enough.

Another thing is that studies have shown that video ads actually do boost sales conversions and they can boost it by up to 80% which is pretty amazing when you think about it. And then another great thing about video ads is that Facebook actually does prefer video ads over images ads.

The reason why is because Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook. That way they see more ads and they go on Facebook more, et cetera, et cetera. And if people are more engaged with your Facebook video, Facebook is going to show your video to a lot more other people and that's going to allow you to gather more social proof on the video which is going to make it go even more viral and make it even better.

Also, another really, really powerful reason why video ads are so good is that you can actually retarget people based on the percentage of the video that they actually watched. So, for example, if someone watched 25, 50, 75 or even 100% of your video, you can retarget them on Facebook and you can make a custom audience on Facebook on people who watch a certain percentage of your video.

With that, you can be more direct with your advertising or show them another piece of content. The ad could be something like, "Hey, you watch this video, why don't you watch this one, I'm pretty sure that you are going to like it."

And you know that they are a warm audience since they've already seen your video before, they've consumed your content before, so they're more likely to consume your content again, especially if they enjoyed it.

So, with all those benefits, let me tell you the best practices you can use with video ads so that way you could put your best foot forward when you're running a Facebook video ad. So, one tip I can give you guys is to use something called a Meme video. So that is when you probably have a picture on the screen, but that's when you have bars on top and the bars on the bottom. That way you can put words onto it.

Usually the top words are the main benefit of your product or service, then the bottom words are either the captions to your video or they can be more benefits if you don't have a caption.

And that's another best practice I want to give you guys is you want to caption your videos because most of the time people are viewing your videos on silent. I think around 85% of Facebook users watch videos on silent.

That's because they're at work or they're using the bathroom or some other reason why they can't have their volume up. So using captions, people can still consume and understand your content. If you don't want to spend money on captions, Facebook can actually auto generate your captions for you for free, but I have used this before and usually it's not as accurate as YouTube captions for the most part.

The last best practice I'll give you is to make sure that it's engaging within the first three seconds of the video actually playing. You want to do something crazy that's going to grab people's attention and make them want to watch the video for the rest of the way forward. So this can be by, again doing something crazy or by having an irresistible hook or offer in the video that people really want to learn about and that people want to engage with as well.

Okay, so now we are on to image ads. One really big benefit of image ads is that they can give a snapshot of the benefit your product or service. So for example, if you see a dog having fun with a dog toy, you instantly know that that dog toy is bringing the dog joy. So you immediately get a quick snapshot of what the product, which in this case is the dog toy, what the product's benefits are.

So in essence, people immediately understand what your business or what your service provides, and also what type of lead magnet or special offer you're giving away with an image ad.

Image ads are a lot easier to obtain and make when compared to video ads because video ads do take a lot of time to actually make. Like these YouTube videos for example, they take me a lot of time to make, do and optimize.

But I do it for you guys because I love you so much. But image ads, you can go on and Google images, do advanced search, then you can click onto free to use even commercially and use those types of image ads. You can also go on websites like Unsplash, which has thousands of beautiful images you can create for your ads.

Also, Facebook has free stock images you can use as well. And another great thing that image ads can do quickly is that you can gear them towards your avatar that you are targeting on Facebook. So with an image ad, your customers can see themselves in that image. Okay, so those are most of the benefits of image ads. Now here are the best practices you can use to make sure your image ads actually convert and get you leads, sales or whatever you want in your business.

You want to make them pop by using contrast. One thing you can do is before you actually upload the image onto Facebook or post it as an ad, you can go onto the contrast settings and adjust it by 20 or 30%. That way it actually pops in the news feed and people actually stop.

Then another thing you want to make sure you do is to make sure that your image ad does not actually look like an ad. Because think of it this way. Every time you see an advertisement, whether it be on Facebook, on Instagram, on the skyscrapers, your first immediate reaction is just to ignore it.

So if you use photos of something that your family or your friends would post on Facebook, then they're a lot more likely to actually do well. It's actually like you kind of want to blend in with the organic feed that people are constantly seeing with their friends and family.

So that way your own photos of yourself within a nice background, or having fun experiences, or photos of your family do really well when it comes to Facebook ads.

People are more likely to stop just to see what that photo is about and then they'll consume your ad copy if it's good and then they can click onto your ad.

Then another fun thing you can do is actually use Photoshop or something. If you use Photoshop and cut off your face and paste it onto something that looks strange and funny, that can also do really well as an image ad.

So, which is the best video ads or image ads? Comment below in your opinion, which type of creative is the best. In my personal opinion, I believe that Facebook video ads take the cake on this and they are better than image ads.

This is because they can build a lot more trust between you and the customer. You can provide a lot of value to the customer and the fact that you can retarget them based on how much of the video that they've actually watched is also really beneficial and really powerful. You simply just can't do that with image ads.

But however, the best thing you can possibly do for your business is to test which creative works better. Because in some instances, image ads do work better than video ads, and video ads do work better than image ads in some instances.

So the best thing you can do is to test. So now that we're at this point into this video, I'm going to show you how to actually test which type of creative is actually better. That way you know which type of ad to run before you show it to your target market.

The best way to do that is to run a post-engagement campaign. What you do is you click on post engagement, paste your video ad and paste your image ad and then run it to the same audience and see which one works better.

Whichever one has the most social proof is the one you should use for your ad for the most part, because you know that people already like this image, people already are engaging with that image so you know that it's going to do well once you take the post ID from that image. That way you can take that same exact post and run it to another marketing objective that you actually want, like conversions or traffic, and that can actually get you the results that you actually want for your business.

Somewhere over there in this video, I made a video that explains all the Facebook objectives, so that way you know them in and out so you know what to do once you actually know which type of creative works best, you know the right objective to actually put them in. I'll see you guys in that video.

Good Going! You deserve a gif of a cat on the computer. Have any questions? Leave a comment!

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