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Facebook Targeting For Local Businesses 2020 In Less time Than It Takes To Make Coffee

So what you might be thinking of, "Wait, if you're talking about local business targeting, why are you in the campaign level?" Well, this part is very important. So let's say you're in small Timbuktu, you want to choose something in the brand awareness or reach category. Most likely brand awareness.

Reach is just completely as many people as possible, as many times as possible. That's because if you're in small Timbuktu, you don't have a big audience size. So Facebook loves audience sizes of a million plus. But in a small local town, you're not going to have that luxury. So you want to choose categories that are going to just show your ad to as many people in that local town as possible.

Because if you choose these categories here, Facebook's going to try to find people that are in that category, that are most likely to click from that local audience and there just might just not be a lot of people to find that, and you're going to reach saturation pretty fast. So let's just do reach or brand awareness. If you're in a big area, then you can choose traffic or lead generation, whatever matches your goals that you want.

So just going to hit continue, and once we reach here and now we're going to get onto the secret sauce of the targeting. Let's go. So, what do you do here? Of course you want to put it in your local area, so you want to put in your zip code.

I'm just going to put in my hometown zip code. And you want to add in as many zip codes as possible that's close to you. Obviously this is 2,100 people, so I would want a little bit more. So let me just add in a town that's neighboring my town in New Jersey. And if anyone here is from New Jersey, be sure to leave a comment below just so I know where my viewers are from.

So let's say for my local business, people are willing to drive only up to 10 miles for the most part, right? So this is 9,700 people. This is really good. You want an audience size of at least 30K minimum. So let's just go with this, the zip code.

Obviously this is not enough, so you want to add other neighboring zip codes, you want to increase the distance of it.

So the hardest part for local businesses, it's just the audience size. So let's say you've got the audience size down, it's at least 30K, you added more zip code. You want to make sure you know the age and demographics of your avatar. So you want to know the proper age and you want to know the gender that they are. So for example, let's say I'm a chiropractor business, most people are going to be 26, mid 20s to their 60.

And of course that's going to change the audience size even more. It's going to drastically reduce it. So you want to make sure that you have a big enough area to get to hit that 30K mark.

And then the gender, you don't really have to change the gender if it doesn't need to. So unless you're selling woman's hair deals or bridal gowns or prom dresses for women, you don't have to mess with the demographics. And that's really it. Because the biggest fight you're going to have is with audience size.

If you really want to, you can go here and add interests. If your business is very, very specific you can go and add interest and you keep adding them until you reach that audience size. But I really don't recommend it, especially if you're in small Timbuktu. If you're in a big metropolitan area, you do have more freedom with the interest that you can choose.

So I would click on the video up there that I have that talks about market research so you can find interest fast so you could use them for your big city local business targeting.

That is pretty much it. So that's local business targeting in five minutes or less. I'm looking at the time now. I'm exactly at five minutes, which is awesome. So be sure you guys click on the video I have up there that's going to show you how you could steal the competition's ideas and use them for your own, so that way you can look at the local business's ad right next door and be like, "Hey, what's up? What ads are you running?" Take those ideas and use it for your own. I'll see you guys in that video. Take care.

You made it through! Now get your freshly brewed coffee and read another post!

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